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What is this new thing called Winawood? Find out below!

Winawood is a material created by Innovators International, to solve the common problems found with wooden furniture which were:

  1. Wood required you to regularly oil the bench to stop it from rotting.
  2. Wood is susceptible to rain and ice, and therefore must be covered or stored.
  3. Over time the wood becomes a light grey colour which is unsightly.

And so after many years in the lab, in 2014 they produced the first prototype of Winawood.

Winawood is a polymer of compressed plastics, compacted to a dense material that is completely weatherproof. It has a grain effect that gives it the appearance and feel of traditional wood, but with all of the qualities you enjoy from man-made furniture.

Winawood has gained in popularity over the last few years, becoming more popular than wooden furniture in many different retailers around the UK.

There are also plenty of reviews to suggest that it’s longevity is justified, with reports of benches still looking brand new years after purchase.

While the Winawood bench is the most popular choice, there are now a range of dining sets, love seats, and smaller coffee / bistro patio style sets.


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