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Everything you need to know about building your Winawood™ garden furniture, including assembly instructions, common FAQ’s about the material, and advise on where to purchase Winawood™ products (online and offline Winawood™ stockists).

What is Winawood™ Furniture?

Winawood™ is a new material of furniture, first introduced to the UK in 2014. It has been designed to give the appearance and feel of real wood, but with the robust and weatherproof qualities of a man made product. This basically gives you the best of both worlds, a classic look with a practical material, because it doesn’t need to be covered, oiled or stored, simply leave it outside all year round. Winawood benches are a fantastic way to add a seating area to your garden.

Winawood is made from a polymer of plastics, compacted into a resin which has a grain effect in layers.

Where can I buy Winawood Furniture?

You can purchase Winawood at a local garden stockist, or an online shop. See our stockists page for more information.

How do I assemble Winawood Furniture?

We have detailed instructions for each piece of Winawood depending on the product. See our full instructions page for more assembly information.



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